On-Site PPE Management


One of the company’s key strengths is its on-site stores management facility that gives the customer maximum control over warehousing and stores operations. The system has in-built control features to give maximum benefits against cheating, abuse, or misuse. The system drives maximum benefits to the organization and result in cost controls.

Our Smart-Store Management Control System allows us to accomplish deeper integration and co-operation between the members of the supply chain in order to cope with the required time frames of product and service fulfillment, as well as the improvement of operational efficiency.

The on-site store concept to ensure that management have the correct costs related to safety and that the controlon costs is administered at all times. Our Smart-Store Management Control System is designed to do the following;

  • Monitor and control PPE costs per department down to the employee
  • 100% identification through biometric scanning prevents false transactions from being processed
  • Easy-to-use reports assist in effectively managing costs (breakdown possible per employee)
  • Transaction histories available electronically (no more paperwork)
  • Forecasting is based on actual demand
  • Optimisation of PPE costs through best sourcing and product analysis
  • Reduced insurance liability
  • One supplier contract (with multiple brands)
  • Accurate cost control
  • Fixed Contract Pricing
  • Improved productivity

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